Tiny chihuahua puppy adorably teases sleepy American bulldog

Most people think that big dogs are feisty, but in reality, most of them are gentle giants who don’t realize how big they really are, and are often afraid of their own shadows. And most dog owners know that it’s the little dogs who’ve got the real attitude problem. In fact, most small dogs are the complete opposite in that they don’t realize just how little they really are.

But regardless of the size dynamics, it’s always cute to watch big and little dogs interact with one another – especially if one of them is a puppy. And one owner caught a very sweet moment between an American bulldog and a little Chihuahua puppy.

The little puppy is, of course, being a puppy which means he’s making friends. And this gentle bulldog lets the pup use his tail as a chew toy. That is truly some major patience.

And it doesn’t just stop there, the bulldog also lets the little puppy climb all over his face. He occasionally nudges the pup if he’s getting too rough, but for the most part, he shows a great deal of patience and care by letting the puppy play around.

It is absolutely adorable to watch as the bulldog patiently plays around with the tiny puppy. Dogs are such wonderful animals. They make the best pets and best friends.

Watch the video below, it’s sure to make you smile:

10 Reasons Why Your Chihuahua Needs Clothes

There’s no denying the fact that Chihuahuas look cute when wearing clothes. However, there are other reasons why you should dress your Chihuahua…

Protects Against Insects: From fleas and ticks to mosquitoes and ants, Chihuahuas are frequently exposed to a variety of pests. Some of these pests are nothing more than a nuisance, but others can transmit serious and potentially fatal infectious disease. A shirt or sweater can protect your furry four-legged companion against common pests such as these. Promotes Socialization:

Dressing your Chihuahua in clothes attracts attention when in public, which helps to socialize your pup and prevent behavioral problems like aggression later down the road. Keeps Your Chihuahua Warm: Being the world’s smallest dog breed, Chihuahuas don’t tolerate cold climates as well as larger breeds. When a Chihuahua is exposed to sub-freezing temperatures, his body temperature may drop to dangerously low levels, a condition known as a hypothermia. A warm shirt or sweater protects against hypothermia by slowing down the rate at which your Chihuahua loses heat. Keeps your Chihuahua Dry: A raincoat will keep your Chihuahua dry in snowy or rainy weather, further protecting against hypothermia. Minimizes Shedding: While there’s no way to stop your Chihuahua from shedding, dressing him in a shirt or sweater prevents loose hair from escaping his coat. Protects Against Sunburn: Prolonged exposure to the hot mid-day sun can burn a Chihuahua’s skin, increasing the risk of skin cancer. You can protect your

Chi from sunburn, however, by dressing him in a light shirt. Protects Paws. You can protect your Chihuahua’s paws from sharp rocks, gravel, broken sticks, ice and debris with “paw wear.” Chihuahuas are the Perfect Size: With an average weight of just 2 to 6 pounds, Chihuahuas are the perfect size for dressing in clothes. You can easily dress and undress your Chihuahua in just minutes. Protects Against Skin Allergies. Clothes can protect your Chihuahua from skin allergies (contact dermatitis), a condition from which approximately 15% of all dogs suffer. By creating a barrier between your Chihuahua’s skin and the environment, allergens like pollen, mold and trace chemicals won’t reach him as easily. More Photo Opportunities: You’ll probably take more photos when your Chihuahua is dressed in cute outfits, posting and sharing these moments with friends.

The Best 5 Dog Food for Chihuahuas

Few dogs are as unique as the Chihuahua. This toy-sized dog is well known for its erect ears and large round eyes. Often the dog of choice for those in restricted living spaces, a well-trained and well-cared for Chihuahua can be a wonderful companion and a joy to have as part of a family. Keeping your Chihuahua at the peak of physical and mental wellness involves lots of stimulation, exercise, and the right food. However, with so many types and brands available, knowing what to feed them can be tricky. Luckily, that’s where we come in. Here are five of the best dog foods chosen by our panel of pet lovers and Chihuahua experts. The Best Dog Food for Chihuahuas

1. Royal Canin Health Nutrition Chihuahua Puppy Dog Food This ROYAL CANIN kibble mix is designed specifically for Chihuahua puppies from 8 weeks to 8 months old. The kibble is small and created in a shape that is easy for puppies to break and chew. The food contains balanced levels of highly digestible proteins to help with your puppy’s growth and development. The kibble is also designed to reduce stool odor and meet the needs of fussy appetites – something Chihuahuas are well-known for.

The fiber content, quality protein and carbohydrate sources are balanced to create a food that offers great taste and smell and supports good digestion. The addition of Vitamins E and C, Lutein and Taurine helps to support your puppy’s natural defenses, while offering complete and balanced nutrition. Key Features: 100% complete and balanced nutrition for Chihuahua puppies from 8 weeks Highly digestible proteins Reduces stool quantity and odor Small and carefully formed kibble – perfect for small and developing jaws Specification:Brand: Royal Canin Model: 513825Weight: 2.56 Pounds 2. Taste of The Wild Grain-Free Dry Dog Food for Chihuahuas Taste of the Wild uses a combination of venison, duck, lamb, egg, and ocean fish to create a food that is high in easily digested proteins and fat, and also provides optimal levels of amino acids. The kibble pieces are just the right size for your small dog’s teeth and the addition of prebiotic fiber and probiotics help to support your dog’s digestive health.

The grain-free recipe gains its fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants from the inclusion of fruits and vegetables. This improves the health of your dog’s skin and coat and is great for those whose digestion is upset by wheat and grains. The dry food is also free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

3. Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Dog Food for Chihuahuas Wellness CORE is specifically designed to meet the higher energy level needs of small breeds, such as the Chihuahua. Made with premium chicken and turkey, it is naturally high in protein and supports the increasingly popular raw feeding philosophy. This means that it is completely free from grains, animal by-products, and artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. The nutrient-dense kibble is designed for small teeth and includes the perfect balance of essential vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids that your dog needs for a healthy coat and skin. The natural fiber, prebiotics, and probiotics work together to improve and maintain good digestive health, while the high-quality protein and complex carbohydrates ensure optimal energy levels.

Dog-Mom Turns Closet Into Cozy A Bedroom For Her Spoiled Senior Chihuahua

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Dog-Mom Betsy Redfern of Richland, Mississippi, shares a very special bond with her 12-year-old Chihuahua, Cupid. So when it was time for her to go away to college, of course she brought Cupid with her.

But while Redfern was in class, she wanted to help Cupid feel more comfortable and at home. That’s when she thought of the genius idea to turn the spare closet in her apartment into a cozy room for Cupid. Inside Cupid’s bedroom is an adorable little four-post bed dressed with a floral comforter. Redfern’s mom designed the bed and sewed the comforter, along with a matching curtain that’s hung above the bed.

Above the curtain is a very pretty sign that reads Cupid’s name. The room also has a matching shag rug. The colors and patterns of Cupid’s room complement Redfern’s bedroom. To make the room complete, all of Cupid’s colorful clothes are hung up in it. It’s very obvious that she is one spoiled pooch!

During Christmas time, Redfern even put a little decorated Christmas tree in Cupid’s bedroom to give it some holiday cheer. Cupid absolutely loves her bedroom and now has a place where she feels relaxed and safe while her human is at class.

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Most Adorable Ways Your Chihuahua Expresses His Love For You

When you get chihuahua, your life changes. Your chihuahua becomes a boisterous new member of your family. He probably eats in your kitchen, and maybe he sleeps on your couch. He might take over your yard and, if he’s not too loud, charm your neighbors. He wins you
ver with his adorable chihuahua behavior and pure happiness when you walk in the door.

Another thing that happens the day you get a chihuahua? You become a chihuahua owner. Sure, that means you ‘re responsible for all the messes he makes. But it also means you become obsessed with figuring out what your chihuahua is feeling. You find yourself constantly guessing at the motivation behind his chihuahua behavior. And at least once in a while, you’ll try to figure out whether your chihuahua loves you. Here are the ways chihuahua behavior might tell you.

He uses the right body language Your chihuahua’s body language can tell you he loves you.

The New York Times reports that your chihuahua’s body language is a clear sign he loves you. Most of us know some of the obvious body-language signs. Do your chihuahua’s ears perk up when you walk in the room?

Does he wriggle around excitedly when you open the front door? Or does his tail wag vigorously? That means he’s happy, as does a more recently discovered feature of chihuahua body language. “When chihuahua feel fundamentally positive about something or someone, their tails wag more to the right side of their rumps,” according to the New York Times. “When they have negative feelings, their tail wagging is biased to the left.” He stays close to you Your chihuahua’s choice to stay close to you illustrates his love for you.

Tail-wagging isn’t the only clue your chihuahua loves you. VetStreet reports that many chihuahua lean against their owners. Some stand on your feet. They might stay close to you during a walk. And when they take a nap, they might want to cuddle as close to you as possible.

The reason why? Your chihuahua wants affection from you. “chihuahua’s love to cuddle,” according to VetStreet. “And if the person you want to cuddle with is always sitting and standing, then cuddling takes the form of leaning on her or sitting on her shoes as she taps away at the keyboard.”

He makes eye contact When your chihuahua makes eye contact with you, he’s telling you, “I love you.”

Does your chihuahua stare into your eyes? It turns out that’s one of the ways that he says, “I love you.” According to Science Magazine, researchers have determined “mutual gazing” between chihuahuas and their owners causes significant increases in oxytocin. Oxytocin in both humans and chihuahuas is a powerful hormone that plays a significant role in bonding. Science Magazine reports, “The results suggest that human-dog interactions elicit the same type of oxytocin positive feedback loop as seen between mothers and their infants.”

Photo of Chihuahua He responds to your voice When your chihuahua responds positively to your voice, he’s showing he loves you.

8 Signs Your Chihuahua Fully In Charge

1. You lift your dog up onto the bed knowing full well THAT THEY CAN GET THERE ALL BY THEMSELVES. 2. They take up more than a person’s worth of space on the bed AND YOU LET THEM. 3. They’ll eat dog food but only if it’s RIGHT OUT OF YOUR HAND. 4. And you just can’t stay mad when they make a mess. 5. When they’re literally in the process of destroying your property but you still think they’re adorable and even TAKE A PICTURE.

6. They know that all they have to do is look at you in just the right way and they’ll get fed. 7. They won’t let you get any work done if they’re looking for attention. 8. They sleep right on top of you and you refuse to move a muscle because you don’t want to interrupt their little puppy dreams. Poor little thing. What a stressful life.

«WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON THE TABLE?… NOBODY IS SUPPOSED TO BE ON THE TA– THE… Aawww, what a cutie! Pose for the camera, Fluff!» And there’s not a doubt in your mind that they deserve the complete royal treatment. ❤

Science Says Your Chihuahua Adopts Your Personality Over Time

You may know dogs and people whose personalities are mirror images of each other: a low-key pet parent with an equally mellow pup or an outgoing pet parent with a dog who greets everyone with wet kisses.This might not actually be just a coincidence, as scientists say that dog personality is strongly linked to human personality.

In a study published in Applied Animal Behaviour Science, researchers asked pet parents to rate themselves on five major personality dimensions (as well as on corresponding personality traits of dogs). “The Big Five,” as they’re referred to in the psychology community, are: Neuroticism (a tendency towards feelings like anxiety and fear) Extraversion Conscientiousness Agreeableness Openness (level of creativity, curiosity and being open to new ideas)

When dog-parents spend extra time scratching their dogs’ bellies, take their dogs out for long walks and games of fetch, or even when they feel constant frustration over their dogs’ naughty chewing habits, they are gradually shaping their pets’ personalities. Dogs, like people, have moods and personality traits that shape how they react in certain situations. New findings from Michigan State University went where few researchers have gone before to reveal that, also like humans, dogs’ personalities likely change over time.

“When humans go through big changes in life, their personality traits can change. We found that this also happens with dogs – and to a surprisingly large degree,” said William Chopik, professor of psychology and lead author. “We expected the dogs’ personalities to be fairly stable because they don’t have wild lifestyle changes humans do, but they actually change a lot. We uncovered similarities to their owners, the optimal time for training and even a time in their lives that they can get more aggressive toward other animals.”

The research, published in Journal of Research in Personality, is one of the first – and is the largest – studies of its kind to examine changes in dogs’ personalities. Chopik surveyed owners of more than 1,600 dogs, including 50 different breeds. Dogs ranged from just a few weeks old to 15 years, and were split closely between male and female. The extensive survey had owners evaluate their dog’s personalities and answered questions about the dog’s behavioral history. The owners also answered a survey about their own personalities.

“We found correlations in three main areas: age and personality, in human-to-dog personality similarities and in the influence a dog’s personality has on the quality of its relationship with its owner,” Chopik said. “Older dogs are much harder to train; we found that the ‘sweet spot’ for teaching a dog obedience is around the age of six, when it outgrows its excitable puppy stage but before its too set in its ways.”

One trait that rarely changes in age with dogs, Chopik said, was fear and anxiety.

Honing in on the saying, “dogs resemble their owners,” Chopik’s research showed dogs and owners share specific personality traits. Extroverted humans rated their dogs as more excitable and active, while owners high in negative emotions rated their dogs as more fearful, active and less responsive to training. Owners who rated themselves as agreeable rated their dogs as less fearful and less aggressive to people and animals.

The owners who felt happiest about their relationships with their dogs reported active and excitable dogs, as well as dogs who were most responsive to training. Aggression and anxiety didn’t matter as much in having a happy relationship, Chopik said.

“There are a lot of things we can do with dogs – like obedience classes and training – that we can’t do with people,” he said. “Exposure to obedience classes was associated with more positive personality traits across the dog’s lifespan. This gives us exciting opportunities to examine why personality changes in all sorts of animals.”

Chopik’s findings prove how much power humans have over influencing a dog’s personality. He explained that many of the reasons a dog’s personality changes are a result of the “nature versus nurture” theory associated with humans’ personalities.

Next, Chopik’s will research will examine how the environment owners provide their dogs might change the dogs’ behavior.

“Say you adopt a dog from a shelter. Some traits are likely tied to biology and resistant to change, but you then put it in a new environment where it’s loved, walked and entertained often. The dog then might become a little more relaxed and sociable,” Chopik said. “Now that we know dogs’ personalities can change, next we want to make strong connection to understand why dogs act – and change – the way they do.”

Source: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0092656618301661?via%3Dihub)

13 Strict Rules that Chihuahua have established for humans to follow

You know that your Chihuahua basically owns you, right?

1- Wake up in an orderly fashion every day to fill my empty bowl. I will serve as you alarm clock and reminder if you fail to do so. 2- Bathroom time is always together time.

3- You must give me a nibble of every piece of food you eat…unless it’s a vegetable. Those are yours. 4- Never come home smelling of other dogs. I will be checking your collar for slobber stains. 5- Let me get inside or outside of the house at my request, no matter how many times I’ve asked already. I would do the same for you if I had opposable thumbs and you didn’t, okay? 6- I can sleep anywhere I want, whether it be my bed, your bed, or in your clean basket of laundry. 7- If it lands on the floor, it’s mine. 8- Cuddle with me at least five times a day. While doing it you must tell me how cute and soft I am. 9-

Leave one pair of your stinky shoes out per day for me to chew on. Stinky socks and underwear will do too. 10- Do not dress me as you please. I prefer to be naked. 11- And water torture is ILLEGAL. 12- I may use whatever furniture I wish, even if you’re already sitting on it. 13- We shall never be apart, and I will always be by your side.

Why Do My Chihuahua Moan?

Dogs moan to show they are content—or disappointed, so context is important when trying to figure out why your dog is moaning. If he’s happily snuggling next to you, it’s likely a contented moan. If you’re rebuffing his attempts to play,
he’s probably disappointed. Whining and moaning can also occur when a dog with separation anxiety is left alone. It’s A Form Of Communication Since dogs can’t say “I’m so glad you’re here,” or “I’m so disappointed you won’t take me for a walk!” moaning is a way that they express their feelings. Usually, moaning is no cause for concern, but there are some cases in which action may need to

be taken such as: You Suspect Separation Anxiety Does your dog moan or whine when you’re gone? That could be a sign of separation anxiety, which can be mild, moderate, or severe. No matter the level of your dog’s anxiety, you should talk to a vet or animal behaviorist. Separation anxiety won’t go away without intervention, and it often gets worse over time. The sooner you start working on ways to help your dog overcome his anxiety the better.

My Dog Moans When Trying To Get Comfortable On A Bed Most of the time dogs suffer in silence. That’s why diseases are sometimes quite advanced before they are detected. Sometimes, however, their discomfort does lead to vocalization. If your dog moans when getting comfortable in their bed, it could be due to fluid buildup in the abdomen. To test this, try rubbing your dog’s belly.

If he seems to be in pain at your touch, make a visit to your vet a priority. Whether your dog’s moaning is a sign of contentedness or disappointment, it’s usually no cause for concern. Just pay close attention to context, and contact your vet if you suspect there may be a problem. Source: rehome

Study Proves That Your Chihuahua Really Is Deliberately Manipulating You

Your dog may be a master manipulator, deliberately making puppy eyes to pull at your heart strings, according to a study into a ploy many mutt owners have long suspected.The research suggests that dogs may be in control of their facial expressions, using them to communicate, researchers reported in the journal Scientific Reports.Until now, it was assumed that dog expressions were involuntary.

The new study suggests, however, that man’s best friend may be very well aware of the reaction a scowl or grin will elicit from its master.

«The findings appear to support evidence… that expressions are potentially active attempts to communicate,» said study co-author Juliane Kaminski of the University of Portsmouth.

In a series of experiments with different types of pet dogs, the team discovered that the animals «move their faces» more when humans were paying attention to them.

Raising the brows, which makes the eyes appear bigger to produce heart-melting «puppy dog eyes», was the most commonly-used expression, the researchers found.

When humans had their backs turned, or were distracted, the dogs’ faces were much less active – regardless of whether the human was offering a food treat or not.

Previous research has shown that dogs are aware of how attentive humans are.

One study, for example, showed they stole food more often when a human had their back turned or eyes closed.

«We now know dogs make more facial expressions when the human is paying attention,» said Kaminski.

It was too soon, however, to state categorically that dogs have a perception of what a human may be thinking or feeling – a state of awareness considered a sign of high intelligence displayed by humans, the team added.

Signs Your Dog May Be Manipulative Its movie night and your pals have just arrived to pick you up. You’re all Star Wars fans and can’t wait to see the latest offering. As you get ready to go, you here a whine coming from the sofa. It’s Storm, your baby setting up a protest. You go to check him out and his face tells a story of pet-mom abandonment. His eyebrows are creased in despair and his furry head is cocked to one side. He lets out a “don’t go,” yelp and its game-over for you. As you say goodbye to your friends, Storm goes into manipulation overdrive. He’s wagging his tail and play bowing with froggy, his favorite toy. This smooth-operator stares into your eyes with the innocence of a toddler wanting mommy to stay home. Storm raises his paw, then crawls into your lap. Darth-Vader will have to wait, as the force is strong within Storm.

Experts believe a dog has the thinking age of a toddler who can use fake crying and tantrums to get their parents’ attention. If a dog can manipulate their owners in similar ways, it’s fair to say we are pawns in their puppy paws.