Chihuahua saves a broken man and he rescues 40 dogs in return

Bobby Humphrey is a pretty big guy and for the better part of his life, he thought that’s how he liked his dogs, too. He’s always had a soft spot for Rottweilers; they’re big, cute, and furry.

He never saw himself falling in love with a Chihuahua, though.

Another thing that the bighearted guy never saw coming was the end of his 17-year marriage. The divorce came rather suddenly, and Bobby’s heart was completely shattered. It got so dark for him at one point, he considered taking his own life.

Thankfully, he had a true friend named Connie, and she wasn’t about to let him give up on life. “She literally just wouldn’t go away no matter how much I told her to. She had lost friends to that before and wasn’t going to lose me. My friend, Connie, had shown me what friendship really meant. No matter what I needed, she was there for me. Needless to say, I feel I owe to her quite a bit,” Bobby divulges in an interview with I Heart Dogs.

Then one day, an opportunity came for Bobby to return Connie’s friendship. She had to move and couldn’t bring her cherished Chihuahua, Lady, with her. She asked Bobby to keep her at his place temporarily until she could figure things out.

At first, Bobby was slightly hesitant. He had the pleasure of meeting the Chihuahua before, and she didn’t seem too keen on other people. Then again, how could he ever refuse the friend that was there for him when he needed it the most. He was willing to do anything to help Connie out, and with that thought, he told her he would take Lady in. Connie had to drop her Chihuahua off at Bobby’s while he was at work. So, when he got home, he approached Lady with a fair amount of caution. The big, burly guy suddenly realized he had no cause for concern. Lady climbed right up into his lap for some attention.

This wasn’t a normal occurrence for Lady, though. Connie couldn’t believe what she was seeing when she stopped in to check on them. “[Connie] swore she’s never seen anything like this, this dog hates everybody. Lady and I have been literally inseparable ever since,” Bobby explains.

That is when Bobby discovered something about himself; he LOVES the little dogs! After some time, Connie was able to get situated and bring Lady back home with her again. Bobby felt her absence acutely and soon found himself looking to adopt his own Chihuahua. He settled on Kira, a senior dog. She was rescued from a solitary life in a house with mud-caked floors. She was wary of humans, and so Bobby slowly showed her that she was safe and could trust people again.

Not much later, the “big dog” guy decided he wanted to raise some puppies, too. After browsing through Petfinder, he found Harley. When Bobby realized that they were in awful living conditions, he took on Harley’s sister, Quinn, too.

Bobby began adopting more and more Chihuahuas. He just couldn’t bear to see one without a good, loving home and proper care. After his home began to swarm with them, though, he came up with a brilliant plan. Bobby created Big Guy Littles World Sanctuary, his very own rescue group dedicated to saving chihuahuas.

The rescue has saved the lives of over 40 dogs. Bobby takes special care to thoroughly vet any would-be adopters so when he adopts out one of his furbabies out, he knows it’s to the perfect forever home.

“We rescue Chihuahuas who are living horrible lives, abused, starving, disabled, mental issues, etc. We give them either a furever home with us where they will never have to experience neglect or anything like that again, or we nurse them back to health and adopt them out! We just want to help as many babies as we can,” explained Bobby. Please SHARE this with your friends and family.